Sarah Buchanan of INDULGE

Sarah is the wellness curious founder of INDULGE which hosts experiences that introduces people to wellness and mindful practices so they can adopt what empowers them. She believe we each have unique biology and priorities which require us to define our own individual balance.

She speaks on topics such as life as a practice, the importance of authenticity and power of tribe. In addition, she works with companies to adopt wellness/mindful practices to help employees increase energy, health, happiness and productivity.

Sarah’s journey with INDULGE began with her desire to shed outside voices and define her own balance. After 10 years in advertising, Sarah switched up her career to be a fitness instructor and begin INDULGE where she could inspire people to be the best versions of themselves every day, to let go and dream big. She believe building a life you love requires hard work, endurance and humility. Whiskey and adventure help, too.

You can find Sarah working towards her newest fitness goal, drinking a Manhattan or over here on her Instagram @we.indulge.

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