Move and Flow

Private Yoga Instruction - I, Sarah, teach vinyasa and restorative yoga crafted to meet you where you are. Want to make it more physical with a bit of bodyweight exercise, sure, let’s do it! This is an amazing opportunity for any yogi to gain a greater understanding of yoga and to individualize how they want to deepen their practice. If you are ready to dive deeper into your practice, take the plunge! This is an option for a solo or duo yoga sesh.

Corporate On-Site Yoga - To support employees in adopting and practicing mindfulness, decreasing stress and increasing productivity. I teach vinyasa and restorative yoga, linking breath and movement, crafted to meet your employees where they are. It is a dynamic, flowing practice which cultivates strength, flexibility, focus and decreases stress. Want to make it more physical with a bit of bodyweight exercise, sure, let’s do it! Practices are recommended weekly or monthly.

Move and Groove Body-Weight Workout - Includes elements of meditation, yoga and functional movement. It is movement that requires you to tap into your breath, mind and body. You will dig deep, become stronger, and leave lighter. You will be challenged and empowered. I will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Guided Meditation - It's not so tough! Meditation can be intimidating. Early practitioners set unnecessarily high expectations for themselves. This will help eliminate the intimidation and make meditation accessible to all. This is a practice of breathing and stillness. We will focus on a mantra or word and the breath to maintain presence, reduce stress, increase productivity, promote relaxation, and enhance self-compassion. For solo, groups or corporate.

Girls Night? Yoga then Mimosas? Bachelorette? What fun thing are you doing? I have FOMO and want to be part of it? But for realz, yoga and fitness are a great way to add self-care to any event and I would love to lead it for you. Let’s deepen your community by flowing through some yoga together or sweating in a music driven bodyweight workout.

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