Join us for an intimate dinner party based in Ayurveda Practices

Wednesday July 24th at 6:30p @ The Campground in the West Bottoms

Cocktail Party // Four course dinner // Community

Bring a friend, make it date night or fly solo!

The Meal

To create a healthy body and mind our food must be nourishing. This upscale experience will offer education, community and tangible resources to live out a nourishing life.

This meal will be made up of light, small courses that are easy to digest as our digestive fire is lessened during these hot months. We will compliment the summer heat with sweet, bitter, and astringent tastes and cool drinks infused with summery flavors and herbs. As you can imagine we are excited to incorporate fresh fruits, salads and sweet dairy.

This will be a fulfilling four course meal accompanied by a specialty drinks. We believe the body has a built-in system to detox and supporting it with the proper seasonal foods will support you in living a balanced life. We also don't think it should be so hard, you will walk away with knowledge to continue these practices in your everyday life. You are invited to bring your own wine.

We Are So Excited To Share An Evening With You!


Chef Ashley Bare

Midwestern born with international roots, Ashley learned to love food and the joy of cooking very early on from her foodie parents - American classics from her dad and vegetable-driven asian cuisine from her chines mother. Ashley’s experience and education comes from extended study abroad stents, studying at the natural gourmet institute for health and culinary arts, NYC restaurant experience at Jean-George’s Mercer Kitchen and  Aquavit, working as a private chef and instructor at Haven’s Kitchen and Miette culinary Studio. Teaching people to cook simple yet creative food that emphasizes the importance of gathering around a table continues to be her most important work. She focuses on seasonal, fresh, subtly complex style of food preparation sourcing local and organic when possible.

IG: @ashley__bare

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Host Sarah Buchanan

Sarah is the wellness curious founder of INDULGE which host experiences that invite people to experiment with wellness practices and adopt what empowers them. She believes we each have unique biology, needs and priorities which require us to define our own individual balance.

Sarah created Feel-Good Feast to host an experience where people could INDULGE in nutritious eats and understand they too can create a delicious, rich meal.

Sarah's balance requires sweating, nutritious eats and surrounding herself with people that challenge and encourage her.

IG @we.indulge



This intimate dinner party will include a cocktail hour, 5-course meal, education on Summer Ayurveda practices, knowledge to carry out a balanced lifestyle, connections with like-minded community.

Early bird available for one day on June 19th @ 10:00a // $95

Full-price tickets to start on June 20th @ 10a // $115

Come solo, make it a date night, ask a friend, share as a gift!


Ayurveda with Sarah Kucera

Sarah shared her Ayurveda expertise as a consult to the menu and experience. She is a doctor, teacher, mover and health sleuth. She has a long lasting love of movement and health coupled with formal education in chiropractic, yoga and Ayurveda has given me unique perspective on how we experience life’s imbalances in our body and mind.

Sarah served as a guide in ensuring we create a meal that falls within the best practices of Ayurveda.



Do you have the expertise to further support a balanced lifestyle for our dinner guests? Give us a shout!